"Continuity uses an analogy to the n-puzzle"

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 Since Kim Jongwa has suggested in a previous interview to test the game continuity, we've done so ! And we have loved this slicing platform game ! That's why we have decided to publish an interview of their developers by Pixelshocks. You can find the original text at this URL.

Pixelsocks: Can you explain your game for me?

Stefan MIkaelsson, Elias Holand, and Guy Lima
Stefan: The game is called Continuity. It uses an analogy to the n-puzzle: the one where you have a tile picture with an empty space and you rearrange the tiles to make the picture. For Continuity, you control a character in each tile. So there are two modes: moving the tiles around and controlling the character. Your goal is to arrange the tiles to get your character to a key and eventually to a door.

Pixelsocks: It sounds complex to mix two games like that, but Continuity is easy to pick up. How did you accomplish that?

Stefan: It was an early goal to make learning the game a part of the experience. So we spend a great number of levels teaching the concepts. We also kept those concepts simple. It’s a part of Flash games. People will hit the quit button as soon as there is any break in flow, and then they’ll go to one of the billion other web pages in the world. We have that knife at our throat, so we try to make the learning interesting and present the interesting stuff early on.

Pixelsocks: Given that knife at your throat, why Flash?

Stefan: We previously developed an Xbox version, but it wasn’t a very good platform for playtesting. I can’t send the game to my friends if they’re not gamers, and that cuts down on the people who can play it. If the game hasn’t gotten attention, it’s hard to get playtesters. Flash’s accessibility and the simple game design made Flash a good platform.

Pixelsocks: It sounds like you emphasized playtesting for Continuity. Did you spend the bulk of your development on playtesting or design?

Stefan: We spent the bulk of the time on designing. Playtesting wasn’t a major part, but we did it at a couple of locations.
Guy: We’d never used ActionScript before, so it took us longer to do some stuff than it should have.

Pixelsocks: Why did you go with the game’s simple visual style?
Stefan: It was by necessity because we’re not artists. We had some goals to create a realistic look in the beginning, and we experimented with a couple of different graphical styles. However, we found that this one just worked so much better. I’ve always liked minimalist graphical design.

Pixelsocks: I overheard you mention an iPhone port earlier. Could you elaborate on that a bit?
Stefan: We’re trying to make the iPhone game interesting for people who have already played Continuity. So we’re not doing a straight port; it’ll be a new game for the iPhone. We’ll take the essence of Continuity and build something from that. It’ll be thematically similar, but the iPhone is such a different platform than Flash that a straight port wouldn’t work well.

Pixelsocks: Can you tell me something about your game that no one else knows?
Stefan: We’re looking to find a publisher for Xbox Live Arcade or PSN. Hopefully the award will help with that.



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