F.Valzano, Freeworldgroup.com : I wanted [Mental] series of point and click games to be really challenging

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frankvalzano.JPG Hello ! Hardcore Joueur creates a new rubric in which we will interview games developers and CEO of online free game platforms from all over the world ! The story of their entities, their games preferences, the games they recommand to us... You will know all about their passion of egaming :)

And I'm very pleased to announce you the first person to be interviewed for Hardcore Joueur is the CEO of Free world group ! 


- Hi Frank Valzano ! You're the CEO of Freeworldgroup. Can you introduce us this entity ? What kind of games do you publish ?

Freeworldgroup.com has been dedicated to publishing and producing games for over 10 years now.  We started off with a few basic java-script games in the early 2000s and then moved on to Flash games by the mid 2000s.  We love all kinds of games, and try to publish and make games from all genres.

NDLR : Hardcore Joueur has published an online review of a point and click game called Mental (click here to read it).


- Mental is the first game of what we call the Mental Series. It a is a very addictive point and click ! Can you present us this series ?

I've always been into insane ideas and games.  This one was one of our first point and click games, with the cool characters, Fred, Walter, Greg (FWG!).  I wanted this series of point and click games to be really challenging, without a simple linear path, which other point and click games may have.  Each game in the series is done completely differently, so as to give players a different experience each time.  


--> Want to test Mental ? http://www.freeworldgroup.com/games6/gameindex/mental.htm


- Hardcore Joueur has reviewed the game Mental. Very few websites review free online games. Do you consider these kind of reviews as useful for the  gaming users ?

Of course I consider these reviews useful! It gives us greater exposure, which is always good, and is also useful for players to get a feel for the game before playing. It also gives us insight into what we did right and wrong, which will hopefully make our next game better! 


--> Want to read our Mental's review ? Please click here !


- We just are in love with classic point and click such as Mental ! Could you recommand us similars games from Freeworld group ?

Our other major point and click series that was hugely popular was the Life Ark series.  This series revolved around the survival of a civilisation and it's journey through space and time to find a home.  


--> Want to test the life ark ? http://www.freeworldgroup.com/games6/gameindex/thelifeark.htm


- What kind of games do you like (adventures, action, sports...) ?

My personal favorite game types are Strategy, word games and crazy-funny games.  All three can keep me playing for hours, days or even weeks.


- Hardcore Joueur share its passion for the free online games ! What are your favourite one ?

I really can't say which game is my favorite, but I'd say of the ones we made, Puzzle Freak and Bed and Breakfast 3 have got to be up there close to the top.


--> Want to test Puzzle Freak ? http://www.freeworldgroup.com/games6/gameindex/puzzle-freak.htm

--> Want to test Bed and Breakfast 3 ? http://www.freeworldgroup.com/games9/gameindex/bedandbreakfast3.htm


- From the last games Freeworld group has recently published, could you recommand more especially three ?

We havent been creating too many games recently, but of the ones we created in the last couple of years, the best ones would be Tank 2012, Bed and Breakfast 3 and Zoo Escape.  All three were addictive in different ways and all were very successful. 


--> Want to test Tank 2012 ? http://www.freeworldgroup.com/games9/gameindex/tank2012.htm

--> Want to test Zoo Escape ? http://www.freeworldgroup.com/games8/gameindex/zooescape.htm


- Frank, thank you for this interview. We were pleased to talk with you !

Nice meeting you.


We have introduced several Freeworldgroup's games on the blog : Crazy Box ; Castle of Terror.


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