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immortal_souls_dark_crusade.JPG Go to war against demons and stop their domination on Earth. Be a clever strategist and win your fights in this round-based game. It's a great game with fantastic graphics, not so easy.

My review is recommanded by ARMOR GAMES (the publisher of this game) and the french platform Ludobox !





Immortal Souls is the dark crusade of vampire John Turner. He is in quest of redemption, that's why he will fight against living dead, ghosts, knights, Quasimodo, bats, werewolves and so on...

Welcome in a world, either fantastic or realistic, inspired from US comic books ! There are 8 chapters in which you have to do several fighting missions you will have to win in order to survive. Sometimes characters are speaking, as if they were in a comic strip. Graphics are fantastics and there is an oppressive atmosphere, breathless music.


The hero can hit with several means (being bitten by vampire, a baseball bat, punching, shooting) et you will have to lead the fight. You have the overview of the situation. You decide of the next action of the hero. You can hit, you can gain life points. You will have to choose. 



 Just be smart ! Your hit is more or less effective regarding to your opponont. Be lucky, the grid of your move is random ! On each round, you zoom of the one who attachs. You will discover if you have missed, injure a little or many. You fight until you or your oppononts death. They don't fear death and what about you ?

Succed in a fight ? You win money and points. You can improve your weapons or your competences, buy some trophies. The more you win, the more you become strong, skillful and efficace. And you will need it : the number and strong of your opponents just grow.



On each round, be very smart. Chosse the opponont you will hit at first, what weapon use. Kill you opponents before they kill you. Your opponents just want you to suffer and to die. Don't make mistake, it can be fatal. Be patient. Sometimes you will be able to make move's combinaison. Sometimes you can't do anything, just improve your life points. Sometimes the hero is bit by the opponents until you can do something. 

It's a long crusade and that's the interest of this game. You go to war with the hero ! It's a very minimalist action game but a very good RPG. Enjoy it !


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