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mental.JPGPlease help Fred, Greg and Walter to escape the mental hospital as quickly as you can ! 



You are managing a spectacular escape ! All the time, you can have a global view on a mental hospital. You can see all rooms and floors. So as the three may be able to leave it, you will have to coordonate an effective plan... Room by room, some security guys try to prevent the three personages from leaving the hospital. Make them KO.


One hero is big and strong, the second is smaller and agile, the last is smallest and can go anyway… Each of them have specific competences and they need them to find the exit. Nobody can win alone, they will have to work together.


There's an easy gameplay. You manage alternatively the three hero who are waiting for your instryctions. You have the eyes and can see what they aren't able to see. They have arms and do what you want they do, if they are able to do that. Each of them can take an object, use it or leave it, giving to a colleague. Bring them into life with keyboard, spacebar or a mouse clic.

Mental is very curious. You feel as if you were looking at an anime. Camera alternates from global views to zooms. Graphics are minimalists, your hero are geometrics.

It seems it is a child's play but in reality, Mental is a hard point & click in which you have to solve enigms ! Once you've solved one of them, heroes can progress and come cloaser from exit. These impression of progress make the game very addictive. Once you've begun, you want to continue, to progress. You don't want to stop !

Mental isn't an anime. You make game progress and that's why you are responsible of destiny of three "mens". You will be very frustrated if an hero has been got by security because you will have to restart from beginning. You will be very frustrated if you can't solve the enigm, letting the hero wait for your instructions.


This game will put your nerves to the test ! You havn't to be very intelligent but it's not an easy game ! You just have to be very imaginative. And patient ! Doors help you pass from a room to another, a door to another without any prealable knowing about how it works.


We just are in love with this game ! Very good ! But we need to be very patient !


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