Greg Sergeant : "you take the simplest concept you can and run with it"

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 In a previous post, Hardcore Joueur has introduced to you a funny game name Use Boxmen. We have proposed to interviewed the guy who develop it !


- Hi Gregory Sergeant ! You are 2D Flash games Animator and work in Great Britain. Could you introduce your activity to us ?
Yeah, well i started out making little movies using Powerpoint in school, like each frame was a story panel, then i messed around making stick figure animations in flash and somehow ended up in games.

- Nice ! What's the news for you ? Are you currently developpying a new game ?
Im working in Unity, i just released a '3D Physics Platformer Kit' (see it here: for the platform a few days ago and the sales have been pretty crazy, the Unity staff are really pleased with it too, with the asset store manager using it herself on a Psychonauts-like game. So im really happy with that. I'm going to make my first retail game very soon, but im not sure what.. maybe a platformer or some kind of FPS.

- Hardcore Joueur has discovered Use Boxmen, a puzzle game you published in 2009. It's based on an original concept. We enjoy it ! Can you tell us the story of this game ?

I made this in my gap year after being really inspired by Braid, i didn't really know what i was doing with programming but i just had a really strong idea and thought it could be a new experience. To this day i think this is my most popular game because it came from a really honest place and is quite different to a lot of games out there. The whole point is kind of.. design by subtraction, or simplicity, inspired by Fumito Ueda of Team Ico games. Basically you take the simplest concept you can and run with it, so you can really flesh out that 1 idea.. all you do in this game is move around and place boxmen, but its that simplicity which makes it good i think. I will always run with this design philosophy.

--> Look at Braid"s trailer

- Interesting. I hope this game has been a success. Have you receipt some feedbacks from public ?
Yeah, it was a huge, i've got fanmail, drawings, and a lot of thankyou emails from all sort of people. It kind of opened my eyes to how you can influence a lot of people with just a small game. Edmund Mcmillen (super meat boy) actually drew a Boxman on the special edition of Indie Game: The Movie recently because he was inspired by it. I also talked briefly to Cactus (hotline miami), and JW (vlambeer).. each of them told me they really liked Boxmen, which was really cool because i look up to those guys, and i didn't expect them to bring up a game i released years ago.. or know who i was! I guess a lot of people connected with it, which feels... like you have more power behind your art than you might at first realize.

- Hardcore joueur publish reviews about its favourite games. In France, very few websites reviews online free games. What do you think about this kind of review ?
When i google for my games, and see if they have been noticed, it is really great to find reviews or lets play videos. The people writing these things probably don't expect the developers to read or care about them - but we do! It can be isolating working on games, so when others notice it, it gives you a lot of drive for the next project.

- Ok, yet let's talk about your gaming universe ! From the games you've developed, what's your favourite one ?
SkullFace.. if you get into the 2nd and 3rd worlds, you will find some pretty crazy level design. Definitely my most ambitious release so far.
--> Want to test SkullFace ? Just click here and test it on Greg-anims website !

- What are your favourite genre of online free games ? Strategy, puzzle,action,rpg ?
Action or Platformer. I like things i can immediately play which have a main protagonist.

- For Hardcore Joueur's public, can you recommand some of your favourite games ?
If you mean flash games, check out Vox Populi, Vox Dei. If console games check out Shadow of the Colossus.
--> Want to test Vox Populi, Vox Dei ? Click here to do so !

- The concept of platform games in which, level by level, we have to help the hero to come from one point to another (a door, the other side of screen, a magical exit...) is very exploited. They are so many games of this kind, fiouh ! What similars games can you recommand to us ?
N+, Super Meat Boy, Jumper

- We like the humor of the game Use Boxmen but also the "artisanal touch" ! It's very nice to play a game hand made game. On the blog Hardcore Joueur, we have introduced a pencil-styled trial game and it was a big pleasure ! For those who like this kind of game, can you recommand some games of this kind you may like ?
hmmm... there aren't too many. Usually the gameplay suffers because these type of games are done by artists not programmers. Theres one i remember called 'Color my World' which has nice hand drawn backgrounds and feels quite personal. I like this style because it feels personal and inviting.
--> Want to test Color my world ? Just click here !

- It was a great pleasure to talk with you ! Thank you for this itw !
No problem, thanks!


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